Exhibitions & Special Events

Evgeny & Lydia Baranov ~ European Romance

Friday, August 2nd 2019 - Monday, September 2nd 2019

As the warmth of summer days and nights begins to wind down the romance comes alive in a new show at Ella W. Richardson Fine Art. Painting duo Evgeny and Lydia Baranov are back with a collection of stunning European beauties, from old wooden sailboats in Cornwall, Normandy, Holland and Lake Garda to alfresco dining in Venice. Every year, the Baranovs seem to expand their horizons both in travel and artistry and we are so honored to exhibit their masterpieces in the gallery.

Their style, a blend of realism and impressionism captivates audiences as does their unique method of collaboration. In many of their paintings, the artists work simultaneously on the same canvas while painting en plein air. Working in a duet enables them to perform faster and evaluate their own accomplishments in a more comprehensive manner. "As always with collaborative work, the greatest challenge is learning to respect the opinion of the creative partner and to accept constructive criticism," they say. 

This collection is particularly striking because of the color palette they were working from. You have a range of pinks in the Peonies, to burnt red and mustard yellow of a row of ancient buildings that house restaurants and shops in Venice to the sailing vessels of European ports including Hoorn and Honfleur. There are also works from the small villages of Malcesine and Cassone. You can't help but smile when you look at the Baranovs' works: they ooze warmth in every brushstroke. 

Born in Moscow, Evgeny Baranov and Lydia Velichko Baranov are known internationally for their exquisite oil paintings. Evgeny received his Masters of Science in Architecture from the Moscow Architectural Institute in 1984 and Lydia received the same degree in 1987. The two met when they were working as architects with the Institute of Special Projects in Restoration, Moscow. They were married and moved to the United States in 1990. Notable collectors of their work include the Royal Family of the United Kingdom, the Hearst Family, the Clint Eastwood Family, and the Russian Federation. They have been featured in numerous publications, including Art of the West, The Artist's Magazine, Southwest Art, and PleinAir magazine and have accrued countless awards from competitions over the years. Most recently, the Baranovs won First Place in the June-July 2015 PleinAir Salon sponsored by PleinAir magazine.The Baranovs currently reside in Pebble Beach, California. 

RELATIVITY ~ Mike Basher

Friday, September 6th 2019 - Monday, September 30th 2019

Mike Basher "RELATIVITY" A New Exhibition of Large Format Black and White Photography

M I K E   B A S H E R    ~     "R E L A T I V I T Y "

The dependence of various physical phenomena on relative motion of the observer and the observed objects, especially regarding the nature and behavior of light, space, time and gravity...


Ella Walton Richardson Fine Art is pleased to announce Relativity, a new solo exhibition 

of large format silver gelatin black and white photographs by artist Mike Basher. The artist reflects upon his profound regard for our environment. Engaging in form and emotion, this collection of photographs displays a definite subject in an obscure place, which speak directly to a broad audience. Merging photography and design, Basher carefully crafts these thought provoking vignettes on large sheets of black and white film, which deliver a richness and clarity to his works.



Hunting Island Studies


Located at the southern coast of South Carolina, Hunting Island is constantly transforming. Over the past century, this barrier island’s shore line has been driven inland by over a mile, due to sand migration. Recent hurricanes have accelerated this process, leaving structures weakened and trees stranded and uprooted in the surf.


Through long exposures, this series of photographs shows these natural processes as they occur.



Pound Net Studies


Unlike many other methods of net fishing, psych as trawling, where literal tons of by-catch fish per haul can die, the use of pound nets is a sustainable method of harvesting fish, which has been used for centuries. The tide and natural water currents guide fish along these nets, where they find their way into the larger round area for harvest. Once netted and measured, the targeted species is kept, and any unwanted species are released, alive.




For the past sixteen years, Mike Basher has traveled the globe photographing 

campaigns for large corporations such as Under Armour, Reebok and The North Face, working with celebrities and athletes like Michael Phelps, Lindsey Vonn, and Andy Murray. This selection of his photography is the antithesis.


His inspiration for his work comes from the solitude of the outdoors. Mike's sublime, minimalistic photographs take a look at scenes often visited by others, yet his approach in isolating subjects leaves the viewer to often question, and even disregard its whereabouts.

Working exclusively with large format black and white film, each image is carefully crafted-seen through the process of making a precise exposure, hand developing the negative, final printing and display. This involved, hands-on craft brings him close to 

his work. What the viewer sees is essentially an extension of his persona. Quiet and precise, yet bold.


The artist will be at the gallery located at 58 Broad Street for his exhibition opening. Friday, September 6th from 5:00 until 8:00 pm the reception will coincide with the Charleston Art Gallery Association Art Walk in downtown Charleston, South Carolina. The show will be on view through September 30th, 2019.

Jeff Jamison ~ Everyday Romance

Friday, October 4th 2019 - Thursday, October 31st 2019

"Everyday Romance" is an exhibition of new works by Jeff Jamison. The reception opening will be help Friday, October 4th from 5 until 8pm. Please join us for refreshments and an opportunity to chat with the artist.

Jamison imbues a combination of nostalgia and timelessness into his paintings through use of a contemporary style. This might seem paradoxical, and perhaps it is, but it is what makes his works so enigmatic. They are beautiful and mysterious, light and carefree and above all, they invite you to participate with your imagination. The cities Jamison features might appear to be New York or Paris, but look close! Many paintings are in fact the cities of his dreams— mashups of places he has been and places he wishes to go. Because of the ambiguity of people and places, Jamison's works offer something to everyone.
Born in 1958 in West Memphis, Arkansas, Jamison became interested in art at an early age. He began taking classes as a means of learning how to capture the light and shadows that held his constant attention. His serious art studies began at Middle Tennessee State University in 1977. In 1982, Jamison enrolled at the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale, Florida. After two years, he graduated and was offered the position of Editorial Illustrator for the Fort Lauderdale Sun Sentinel newspaper. During this time, he also worked as a courtroom sketch artist in the Manuel Noriega trials in Miami. His award-winning illustrations began to fill national publications, including magazines and novel covers.
Eventually deciding to convert to painting, Jamison utilizes his skill for drawing and scale combined with learned Old Master techniques and his own contemporary impressionistic creativity. He calls his process “controlled chaos.” His awards and honors include: Oil Painters of America National Juried Exhibition of Traditional Oils – Award of Excellence (2009); Paint America Association’s Paint the Parks Top 100 (2007); Oil Painters of America Eastern Regional Mini Show Finalist (2007); Salon International Museum of Contemporary Masters - Third Place, Honorable Mention, and Jury Top 50 (2004, judged by Pino); National Park Services “Arts for the Parks” Competition - Mini Top 100 (2004); National “Paint Christopher Columbus” contest – Winner (1994).

Kevin Chadwick ~ Family Life

Friday, November 1st 2019 - Saturday, November 30th 2019

Please join us at the Ella Walton Richardson Fine Art Gallery at 58 Broad Street in historic downtown Charleston on Friday, November 1st from 5 until 8 pm for the opening reception of " Family Life" featuring Lynchburg, Virginia artist Kevin Chadwick. He is going to be in attendance and would love to meet and discuss the stories of his artwork. Kevin manages to capture not only the essence but the very heart and soul of his subjects. This show is focused on the importance of family life. Over the past several decades it has become exceedingly apparent to all of us that the family is the core of what defines us as we grow up. Sometimes a family is created through lifes journey's verses our family of origin. Each of Kevin's paintings are a story woven together by a tapestry of color, harmony and composition. They leave the viewer seeking intimacy with the art, just as we all seek intimacy with those in our family and ourcircle of life. The audience is often left feeling a spiritual connection to the painting as the humanity of one and all has been captured on his canvases.
"My work seems to be ever evolving but I am still drawn to and fascinated by strong African American figures. Where my recent works have taken me, is as the role of a story teller. Whether a lone figure in my patterned background or a family scene, I now try to include a bit of history or a touch of something else hidden in the painting to hopefully make the viewer take a moment to discover what is happening in the work that may not be noticed at first glance. From perhaps at first unseen snakes to West African symbols, images are scattered throughout my paintings to better help tell the story of those captured in my paintings." 
After graduating from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh in 1976, Kevin found his career immediately took off and has taken many artistic turns through the years. Landing his first job as an illustrator while still in school, Kevin worked for a national glassware company illustrating for corporations such as McDonalds, Burger King, Hallmark Cards and Twentieth Century Fox. Upon moving to Washington, DC in 1978, Kevin first freelanced as a magazine illustrator until 1984 when he decided to form his own firm Chadwick Design Incorporated. First specializing in theatrical graphics, Kevin also illustrated for national ad agencies along with National Geographic, The Washington Post, PBS, Kennedy Center, New York Times Book Review, Special Olympics and the Shakespeare Library just to name but a few. Kevin received numerous awards from Communication Arts Magazine, Art Directors Club of New York and of Washington, DC. Able to illustrate in various mediums, Kevin more and more enjoyed the richness of oil paints. First using them as washes combined with pencil in illustrations and later strictly traditional oils on canvas or panel.
Kevin now works out of the historic city of Lynchburg, VA painting full time. His portraits and figurative works can now be found in the collections of the Caring Institute, Washington. DC, World Mercy Fund, Bad Homburg, Germany, The Shakespeare Birthplace Trust, Stratford-upon-Avon, England,  
Doyle Hotel Collection, Dublin Ireland and in private collections both here in the States and in Europe. Chadwick now specialzes in African American figures.

Lindsay Goodwin ~ French Interiors

Friday, December 6th 2019 - Thursday, January 2nd 2020

A passionate devotee of capturing spontaneous romanticism, Lindsay Goodwin is a treasured discovery among the next generation of fine artists. Lindsay creates gradations of tonal balance on her canvases; equilibriums evident when the viewer recognizes the artful juxtapositions of warms and cools.  Her fascination for capturing the historical moment of interiors from Paris to Boston reflects our own human desire for romanticism in our lives and for bringing the elegance of historical splendor into our homes.

Born and raised in Topanga, California, Lindsay had her initial fine art training at O'Neill's Fine Arts in Malibu.  Following instruction under Katie O’Neill, Lindsay enrolled at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco.  On her road to a Bachelor of Fine Arts, Lindsay gained invaluable artistic knowledge as a student of Craig Nelson.  Lindsay has incorporated Nelson’s utilization of rapid oil studies into her own methodology.  She believes that by setting a time limit to her canvas, she sharpens nearly every aspect of her work, including perspective, tonality, and most importantly, atmosphere. During her final semester at the Academy of Art University, Lindsay was chosen as one of the top emerging artists among her graduating class.