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Rainy Day Window Shopping

Posted on: May 8th, 2015 by Kristie Landing

Rain or shine, our windows are always dressed to impress.

Summer and the City Jeff Jamison 36" x 36", Oil on Canvas

“Summer and the City”
Jeff Jamison
36″ x 36″, Oil on Canvas



"Two for One" Jeff Jamison 24" X 24", Oil on Canvas

“Two for One”
Jeff Jamison
24″ X 24″, Oil on Canvas


"Charleston Harbor" Scott Moore 32" x 48", Oil on Canvas

“Charleston Harbor”
Scott Moore
32″ x 48″, Oil on Canvas

Window Shopping

Posted on: April 9th, 2015 by Kristie Landing

Spring is in the air and it is a gorgeous day to be strolling Broad Street. Pop into the gallery for a peek at some of our newest works!


"Grand Illusion" Jeff Jamison  24" x 36" Oil on Canvas

“Grand Illusion”
Jeff Jamison
24″ x 36″ Oil on Canvas



"Grapes and Vase"  Frans Van der Wal   16" x 20"  Oil on Panel

“Grapes and Vase”
Frans Van der Wal
16″ x 20″ Oil on Panel



"King Street"  Simon Balyon  24" x 36" Oil on Canvas

“King Street”
Simon Balyon
24″ x 36″ Oil on Canvas