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Singularly Miró

Posted on: June 13th, 2015 by Kristie Landing
Grand Personnage Noir, 1948 25 3/8" x19 1/2" Lithograph

Grand Personnage Noir, 1948
25 3/8″ x19 1/2″


With lithographs of organic forms, flattened picture planes, and boldly rendered lines, Joan Miró left his mark on the 20th century and beyond. Born in Barcelona in 1893, Miró attended business and art school, focusing on art after suffering a nervous breakdown. He received early support from the art dealer, José Dalmau who gave him his first solo show at the Galerie la Licorne in Paris, 1921.

In his long, creative life, Miró experimented with Dada techniques, the Dutch Master style, Cubism and Surrealism using mediums that ranged from sculpture, collage, oil paint and lithographs. Music and literature were his muses and art leaders like Picasso and Ernst, his collaborators. After WWII, Miró focused primarily on graphic media and printmaking, which engaged him until his death. His works are more sought-after than ever by collectors and have inspired generations of artists, particularly the American abstract expressionists.

“The spectacle of the sky overwhelms me. I’m overwhelmed when I see, in an immense sky, the crescent of the moon, or the sun. There, in my pictures, tiny forms in huge empty spaces. Empty spaces, empty horizons, empty plains – everything which is bare has always greatly impressed me.” —Joan Miró, 1958, quoted in Twentieth-Century Artists on Art


Fusee, 1959 11 1/16" x 15" Etching and Aquatint

Fusee, 1959
11 1/16″ x 15″
Etching and Aquatint

Showtime: “Crazy Love”

Posted on: June 4th, 2015 by Kristie Landing
"Crazy Love" Mark Bettis 60" x 48" Mixed Media on Panel

“Crazy Love”
Mark Bettis
60″ x 48″
Mixed Media on Panel

We have nothing but crazy love for the new works by Mark Bettis at the gallery. I hope this last blog post gets everyone excited for the opening of “Get Lost” tomorrow night from 5-8pm—we sure are and can’t wait to see you. The last work we are featuring is “Crazy Love”…care to take a guess why?

“Crazy Love” is a giant, stunning example of Bettis’ creativity and passion. It is extreme with bright, neon orange and teal patterns and sweeping rings that simultaneously invoke sentiments of unity and frenzy. “Crazy Love” is also subtle, with the under layers oozing through like ghosts from the past.

There is a raw quality in “Crazy Love” that I talked about in the last post that make Bettis’ work urban and uncut. The texture of the works, which stems from his unconventional usage of cold wax gives the works an added layer of sensory stimulation. Bettis’ works are a departure for our gallery, but we thought it was about time to stir things up with a little mixed-media love.

Don’t miss a chance to meet Mark Bettis tomorrow night from 5-8pm at the opening of “Get Lost.”

To view more of his works, please visit our website:

The Countdown Continues: “Past Memories”

Posted on: May 26th, 2015 by Kristie Landing
"Past Memories" Mark Bettis 24" x 24" Mixed Media on Panel

“Past Memories”
Mark Bettis
24″ x 24″ Mixed Media on Panel


About 8 years ago, Mark Bettis moved from Florida to the River Arts District in Asheville, where he turned over a new leaf in more ways than one. For starters, he began using cold wax as a medium to paint with, finding that it was “a great medium that thickens to allow endless possibilities of layering color and texture.” His approach to painting transitioned to more of a deliberate peeling process where he builds up a foundation of layers and then scrapes specific parts away. Revealing the wax underneath exposes the journey he took in creating his painting –past to present– a unique process that many Abstract Expressionist painters of the 1940s utilized.

The pentimenti, or remnants of earlier layers that peek through the top layer in “Past Memories” bring the work together visually and add complexity and intrigue. For example, having scraped the ivory layer in the top right, Bettis reveals a haunting maroon layer that echoes other traces of red in the painting. In more ways than one, Bettis is alluding to the past. The thin, scribbled turquoise, red, and black lines recall an unfinished sketch, even though they were almost certainly added last. The overall appearance is raw and uncut, yet the composition pulls the focus towards the center, clearly demonstrating forethought.


"Past Memories" Mark Bettis 24" x 24" Mixed Media on Panel


For more works by Mark Bettis, visit

& don’t forget to check back next Tuesday for another close look at a work premiering in the show!

The Countdown Begins: “Burst of Spring”

Posted on: May 12th, 2015 by Kristie Landing
Burst of Spring Mark Bettis 48" x 36", Mixed Media

“Burst of Spring”
Mark Bettis
48″ x 36,” Mixed Media

The weather in Charleston right now is hot, hot, hot…a balmy 92 degrees with high humidity. Even though it is technically still spring, it feels much more like summer. When I first saw the image of the painting “Burst of Spring,” I felt as if I were looking at a visualization of the weather we are having. This is one of the many gifts of our new mixed media artist Mark Bettis—the ability to present concepts and ideas you thought were only a feeling.

While “Burst of Spring” provides a distinct contrast to his other new works like “Homestead” and “Illusions,” it is a perfect example of Bettis’ passion for color and life. It shares the same attention to lines, geometric shapes, and gently shifting planes, but has a vibrancy that is irrepressible. Whereas the other paintings are more harmonious in terms of symmetry and color, “Burst of Spring” is like a flame—wild, but enormously interesting to look at. The brilliant hues of yellow, blue and red stand out as the primary base from which all the other colors are sourced, demonstrating a realm of chromatic possibility.


Most notably, there is a flow towards the top of the canvas that suggests progression or growth and the title evokes flowers more so than if Bettis had chosen the title “Burst of Summer.” The simple act of titling the work “Burst of Spring” presents us with an image that brings the painting slightly out of abstraction; whereas in pieces like “Homestead,” it becomes more difficult to grasp representational forms.

Mark Bettis’ debut solo exhibition in Charleston opens June 5. Check back next Tuesday– I’ll be counting down the weeks until his show!

Joyful Puzzle

Posted on: April 11th, 2015 by Kristie Landing


Joyful Puzzle Lyuba Titovets 40" x 30" Oil on Canvas

“Joyful Puzzle”
Lyuba Titovets
40″ x 30″ Oil on Canvas


Spring is officially here and what better way to celebrate than with the adoration of nature’s most beautiful buds. This painting by Lyuba Titovets is a joy to behold, a joy to analyze, a joyful puzzle! Lilies red, white, and tiger brim from a blue delft vase on a table complete with various peeled and whole fruit. Serving as an elegant backdrop, a gorgeous green silk cloth brought back from China by Lyuba’s grandmother adds a sentimental touch to the work.


Born in St. Petersburg, Russia, Lyuba started private painting lessons when she was five years old. She attended the State University in St. Petersburg before moving to the United States with husband, Aleksander Titovets, also a renowned painter. Today, Lyuba primarily focuses on still-lifes, for which she carefully selects in-season flowers and sets up arrangements to create maximum impact.


While her subject matter emanates from life, Lyuba’s paintings are whimsical, surreal renderings of bravura that will light up any room. “Joyful Puzzle” is an impressionistic work with the colors of a fauvist—her brushstrokes are loose, but her colors are powerful expressions of exuberance. Even the bees are in awe of her painted beauties- we had one land on “Joyful Puzzle” just a few weeks ago!


For more works by Lyuba Titovets and availability & pricing information for “Joyful Puzzle,” please visit:

Window Shopping

Posted on: April 9th, 2015 by Kristie Landing

Spring is in the air and it is a gorgeous day to be strolling Broad Street. Pop into the gallery for a peek at some of our newest works!


"Grand Illusion" Jeff Jamison  24" x 36" Oil on Canvas

“Grand Illusion”
Jeff Jamison
24″ x 36″ Oil on Canvas



"Grapes and Vase"  Frans Van der Wal   16" x 20"  Oil on Panel

“Grapes and Vase”
Frans Van der Wal
16″ x 20″ Oil on Panel



"King Street"  Simon Balyon  24" x 36" Oil on Canvas

“King Street”
Simon Balyon
24″ x 36″ Oil on Canvas

The Buzz

Posted on: March 2nd, 2015 by Kristie Landing

Way to go Karen Weihs and J. Christian Snedeker! These two artists have been honored in not one, but multiple publications in the last month. Check out these news-worthy artists and events by clicking on the articles below:



Carolina Arts

Moultrie News




Carolina Arts 

Charleston Magazine

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Emerging Artists Competition At Ella Walton Richardson Fine Art

Posted on: February 2nd, 2015 by Kristie Landing


Ella Walton Richardson Fine Art is looking for emerging figurative artists! This is a great opportunity for selected artists to gain exposure by exhibiting their work in a prominent gallery in historic downtown Charleston as well as by being promoted in online and print promotions. The exhibition will open on August 7 and will run until September 26, 2015.

Several artists will be selected to participate in a collective exhibition at the Ella Walton Richardson Fine Art gallery, which is located at 58 Broad Street, Charleston, SC.

Please read and understand thoroughly what the Ella Walton Richardson Fine Art procedures are to apply and participate in this art competition.

  • Entries must be oil paintings
  • Competition open to professional figurative artists
  • Artists 18 years old and older may apply
  • Competition is international
  • Artists must send at least six examples of their works via email; approx. four will be chosen for the show
  • There is no entry fee
  • No applications will be accepted after the deadline
  • Artists will be notified within two weeks after the deadline of the status of their application
  • Please do not attempt to contact us about the status of your application


  • Please submit your entry as a PDF with bio and images of works within. 

For the bios, we ask that you provide a short description (1,000 Word Limit), written in the third person. Tell us a little bit about yourself: your artistic training, inspiration, any special techniques used, any prior exhibitions or collections… anything that you might like our patrons and visitors to know about you. Also, include your website URL if you have one.

For the images, do not send images with watermarks. If chosen, you will need to provide 300 DPI or higher professionally shot images of your works for use in publications and promotion of the exhibition.

Please label your images in the following manner: Title of work, size of canvas (height x width), price. Image name may not exceed 50 characters.


Please send images & bio to: no later than April 17, 2015 at 5:00pm.


Best of Luck!