Alex Radin: Resilience

Posted on: September 3rd, 2015 by Kristie Landing

Day 4 with Alex Radin on the blog and he describes the inspiration for his piece, “Resilience.”

resilence (1)

“Resilience”                33″ x 96″                 Oil on Panel

“A photo that I took while on a trip to Peru was the spark for the “Resilience” piece. A young Peruvian girl, Sesia, is featured in the piece dancing, happy and full of life, seemingly without a care in the world. Yet, the conditions in which she lived would be the cause of many cares/worries here in the States. While I was preparing this piece, thinking about what extra elements would appear, the words “prickly pear” came to mind. I did not know what a prickly pear was or even if there was one, so I googled it and discovered that it was a cactus. It was a perfect fit for the piece contrasting the harsh environment of desert living with the plant’s ability to blossom and thrive, just as Sesia was doing in her own life.”

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