Alex Radin: Journey

Posted on: September 1st, 2015 by Kristie Landing

Day II with Alex Radin on the blog and today he explains the meaning behind the painting, “Journey,” pictured below.


“Journey”          60″ x 41″      Oil on Panel

“The painting titled “Journey” is of my youngest daughter. She is fearless. When she sees something she wants she goes for it. She loves the camera and one day while we were just having fun doing a photoshoot this aspect of her personality came out and I got the idea for this piece. I gave her some artistic direction which was different as I usually take candid shots. I told her to look off into the distant setting sun and imagine she was about to go on a great journey to a mountain she could see ahead of her. She looked with boldness yet with a slight hint of being unsettled. It was the perfect photo which I rarely get from a staged shot. I knew I wanted to paint her in the desert and to have a compass represent direction but the tiles swirling around her was a surprise. As I closed my eyes and envisioned the piece I kept seeing the tiles forming a wall around her as opposed to the flat walls in most of the other pieces. I placed her in the desert which is a harsh environment but as she journeyed through the desert I saw grass forming under her feet almost like a traveling oasis. Having her in the tutu represented dancing through the harsh environment finding joy in the journey while the tiles seemed to form a wall of protection around her. Also the inside of the tiles were colder blue tones and the outside were the warmer orange and red tones. I had no idea why it was just how I saw it. After meditating on the piece for several days I was reminded of the story in the Torah of the Israelites making their way through the wilderness to the promised land. As I looked at the cool blues of the tiles and the warm reds I was reminded of how it says they were led by a cloud during the day and a fire by night. I began looking at the tiles swirling around her in the painting as God being ever present with her and protecting her as she Journeyed through the wilderness.”

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