Alex Radin: Proximity

Posted on: August 31st, 2015 by Kristie Landing

Welcome to a very special week here on the blog, in which we will be revealing several of the writings of Alex Radin, who was one of four artists featured in our Emerging Artists Exhibition. Today’s topic: Proximity. Radin’s works at the gallery are a part of his “Proximity” collection and they explore this theme in many different ways. Here, Radin explains why he chose this theme and how ideas come to him based on his awareness of the people and places around him.

Rest Low Res

 Rest          43″ x 43″        Oil on Panel

Radin: “Proximity is the state, quality, sense, of being near or next to someone or something. It is a state of closeness. To be fully present is necessary in order to be fully engaged and close to what is happening in a moment or space inside or outside of time.

I am an observer, so living in the moment for me often means paying attention to what is happening around me. Often things are highlighted as I am going about my day. It may be a piece of paper floating in a puddle with a word written on it or seeing a woman with her head bandaged standing in the middle of the street staring at a traffic light. Things that may seem like random images at first will start to form connections. As I ponder them, I realize they contain stories and significant revelations that impact my life and how I view the world. These ideas, objects, messages, stories and people find their way into my paintings. It may seem surreal but for me everything contains meaning and connection.

Sometimes an element finds it’s way into my work that I don’t fully understand ahead of time. As I was sketching the pieces for the proximity series the tiles kept showing up. They formed walls, windows, and openings that highlighted objects and additional elements. I was not aware of what the tiles represented at the time, only that they were always present and woven into the fabric of the landscape, drawing attention to the objects that offered clues to meaning or pathways to destiny.”


Please stay tuned, tomorrow more will be revealed.

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