Snow Big Deal…

Posted on: December 26th, 2014 by Kristie Landing
"Sunny Winter" Aleksander Titovets  40" x 30" Oil on Canvas

“Sunny Winter”
Aleksander Titovets
40″ x 30″ Oil on Canvas


Merry Christmas Everyone! While we have a sunny paradise to call home, now is one of the rare times when I wish it would snow…. to have fresh powder sparkling as it falls from the sky and a crunchy white blanket beneath my feet during this holiday season.


Fortunately, here at the gallery I have had plenty of substance from which to dream about in the form of Aleksander’s Titovets wintry landscapes. Aleksander’s snow scenes are more than unbelievable– they’re magical. With shades of pink, blue, light purple, and small splotches of white, Aleksander renders ground that from a distance looks like shadows on freshly fallen snow.


One of my favorite pieces from his and Lyuba’s new show, “Paris to St. Petersburg” is “Sunny Winter,” a stunning 40” x 30” that depicts just a few bare trees rising out of a snow covered ground. I like this piece for its simplicity and perspective. It is almost as if we are skiing down the hill that Aleksander has created. The shadows are heavily concentrated in the foreground, with a resulting palette of cool colors. However, the impressionistic and bright leaves on the trees in the background create some warmth that is eye-catching.


This time of year, what could be better than a sunny winter snow day?

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