Work of the Week: “Table View of the Sunset Over Provence,” by Lindsay Goodwin

Posted on: December 19th, 2014 by Kristie Landing
"Table View of the Sunset over Provence"  18" x 26" Oil on Canvas $5650

“Table View of the Sunset over Provence”
18″ x 26″ Oil on Canvas


Oil Painter Lindsay Goodwin is known for her decadent interior scenes of lavish restaurants in Paris, but once in a while she goes for something a little different. In between dinners at chateaus and desserts at Laduree, she occasionally finds time to steal out to Provence for an intimate gathering of family or friends (also where Lindsay and her husband tied the knot!). The glasses are still sparkling and the napkins white, but two baguettes on a cutting board suggest that the affair is slightly more laid-back. Black-tie or not, “Table View of the Sunset over Provence” has that infamous je ne sais quoi that we can’t resist!

The clarity of light and reflection in the glasses and silverware, the colors that shimmer on the napkins, and the perspective that makes us want to scooch in our chair at the table have us longing to be inside this fabulous work of art. Goodwin has created a perfect moment of beauty before the sun sets and the plates are filled and subsequently emptied. She invites viewers into this work over and over – from the sprig of lavender that is local to southern France, to the juxtaposition of the cool table with the warmth of the sun that makes this an approachable and well conceived table. Viewers love Goodwin’s works for their execution, but also for the invitation they present.


Where (besides this painting!) can you find a good baguette in Charleston? Try some of our favorite local bakeries listed below!


Goat. Sheep. Cow

106 Church St.


Pane di Vita

1030 Jenkins Rd. Suite B


Brown’s Court Bakery

199 Saint Philip St.


Baguette Magic

792 Folly Rd.



1075 East Montague Ave, N. Charleston



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