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Italian Seascapes

Posted on: August 10th, 2016 by Kristie Landing
"Sunset Dinner in Cinqueterre, Vernazza" Lindsay Goodwin 8" x 10," Oil on Canvas

“Sunset Dinner in Cinqueterre, Vernazza”
Lindsay Goodwin
8″ x 10,” Oil on Canvas

"Boat on Lake Como" Lindsay Goodwin 9" x 12," Oil on Canvas

“Boat on Lake Como”
Lindsay Goodwin
9″ x 12,” Oil on Canvas


Welcome to the newest segment of Work of the Week, where we are continuing our exploration of works by artist Lindsay Goodwin. Today, we are looking at two pieces that recall her visits to the beautiful Italian coastline. Italian scenes are not the norm for Lindsay– she typically takes us to fancy restaurants in Paris and Provence, but we aren’t complaining!

The first scene depicts the extraordinarily beautiful Cinque Terre, which is comprised of separate villages known for their colorful houses bordering the sea. We are looking out over a restaurant’s carefully set tables, perhaps wondering which we will be seated at when the sun starts to set. Lindsay has given us a broad view of the natural backdrop to show not only her exquisite detail, but talent at landscape as well. This scene is pure fun – the umbrellas stand slightly askew, a boat cruises toward the shore and rolling hills frame the backdrop. We may never leave!

The second scene is a little more intimate: one of Lindsay’s classic table settings. Each glass has its shimmer and the white tablecloth has more colors than a rainbow. But, then we have a very interesting perspective in which we can see beyond, not just to a boat speeding by, but to unique architecture looming in the sapphire distance. If it weren’t for the movement of the boat, this scene might be a little staid, but with it the scene becomes more relaxed and the table, approachable. Won’t you join us for dinner tonight in Italy?