Alex Radin: Discovery

Posted on: September 4th, 2015 by Kristie Landing

Day 5 and the last big reveal of Alex Radin’s inspiration for his Proximity series. At least for now…


“Discovery”     60″ x 41″    Oil on Panel

“The inspiration for the “Discovery” piece was an Instagram photo that my wife captured of our daughter, Elianna, as our family headed out for an evening walk after supper. Ellie had made a paper scope out of toilet paper rolls and tape that she brought to spy out little treasures along the way. Her childlike curiosity and creativity are often arresting, reminders to me not to become jaded and forget the good parts of youthfulness. In the painting, I placed her in a winterscape as a nod to the hidden life that takes place under the cover of snow and the guise of barrenness. There is so much depth to tapping into a place or approach of simplicity like that of a child. There are keys to be found that unlock mysteries and exciting adventures in a moment of inquisitiveness.”


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