Lindsay Goodwin ~ First Featured Artist for The Group Summer Exhibition

A passionate devotee of capturing spontaneous romanticism, Lindsay Goodwin is a treasured discovery among the next generation of fine artists. Lindsay creates gradations of tonal balance on her canvases; equilibriums evident when the viewer recognizes the artful juxtapositions of warms and cools.  Her fascination for capturing the historical moment of interiors from Paris to Boston reflects our own human desire for romanticism in our lives and for bringing the elegance of historical splendor into our homes.

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Current Exhibition

"Wet Paint" by Jeff Jamison, Richard Oversmith & Renee Levin

Thursday, June 2nd 2022 - Thursday, June 30th 2022

Charleston Gallery Association Art Walk Friday, June 3, 5-8 pm Featuring Jeff Jamison, Richard Oversmith & Renee Levin
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